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    Height: 6' 2"
    Weight: 296.2 lbs
    Total Lost: 93.2 lbs
    Body Fat%: 36%
    Total Fat Lost: 104 lbs

    Hat Size: 8
    Jeans: 40x32
    T-Shirt XXL

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Locking up the scale

For the last year, I have stepped on a scale at least once a week and often more like daily.  Obviously I have been trying to lose weight, so I wanted to know how I was doing, but I got a little to consumed by the numbers.  It is the want of a geek to track numbers and make defined progress, but I think it started to affect the progress to my real goals.  So I am putting the scale away for a month.  No check ins, no Saturday weigh ins, nothing, until May 26th.  Hopefully I will drop some pounds, but most importantly I will get more exercise, add a couple pounds of muscle and keep my sanity.

In the end, it is about feeling better, looking better, and enjoying the fruits of that.  The number doesn’t matter when it comes down to it, so see you in a month scale!


One Response

  1. That’s really smart, I know that I have become obsessed with numbers in the past as well.

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