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    Height: 6' 2"
    Weight: 296.2 lbs
    Total Lost: 93.2 lbs
    Body Fat%: 36%
    Total Fat Lost: 104 lbs

    Hat Size: 8
    Jeans: 40x32
    T-Shirt XXL

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Still recovering from Florida

Last week I was in Florida for a conference.  It was a great time. I was between quarters, so I didn’t have any school work and I got to see some work friends that I don’t get to see much.  The only problem was, I put on almost 16 pounds in 4 days.  I don’t know what the combination was that brought on this kind of gain.  I was running in the mornings, I still ate my eggs in the morning and I stayed away from sugary sodas and candy.  Admittedly I drank more than normal and I ate a Chicken Parm the size of my head, but 16 pounds is out of the norm.  Even when we went on the cruise and went crazy, I only put on 10.  I guess there is something about Florida, it sticks with you!

I still have a couple pounds to go before I am back to my lowest weight, but I made a big dent in it this week.  I might have done better, but we had people over last night, so I ate a little cornbread with my chili and had some cheese.  I did say no to dessert (and then had my brownie this morning before breakfast!) so that helped my weigh in this morning.

So more of the same this week.  Eggs for breakfast.  I am frying up 4 eggs each morning and I started putting garlic salt on the eggs as they cook.  Delicious and I don’t have to use Ketchup to eat them anymore.  Lunch is still the hard one.  I try to find something that works, but I get really sick of salads and then usually all the dressings at a restaurant have sugar in them.  Dinner is usually good, because Sabrina has meat and veggies ready for me when I come home from school.  It’s to bad more places don’t serve a simple meat and veg lunch.

Until next week.  Good luck to everyone on their weight loss!


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