• Current Stats

    Height: 6' 2"
    Weight: 296.2 lbs
    Total Lost: 93.2 lbs
    Body Fat%: 36%
    Total Fat Lost: 104 lbs

    Hat Size: 8
    Jeans: 40x32
    T-Shirt XXL

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If I follow the plan, I lose weight

The subject line is kind of obvious, but sometimes you have to go back to basics and review what you are doing.

The past couple of weeks I got lazy and started not being as careful and thorough about what I was eating.  I would eat out and not hold the cheese on my beans.  I would get a tortilla or a burrito, because we were late for a play.  I just didn’t do everything I could to get the weight off, I needed to refocus.

I went back to basics.  Breakfast this week was 4 eggs, a couple times I mixed in some veggies, but I stopped using whey protein powder.  It was really convenient, but there are just to many other ingredients that make it not the best idea.  I was also sure to make sure that there wasn’t any little bits of non-plan food.  Hold the croutons, no cheese, no sauce on my chicken.  It seems to be just what I needed.  I was down 7.2 pounds this week.  I finally broke 300 lbs and ended the week at 296.2 with a fat % of 36%.

It is a good week, but just a start to get back to the basics.  Hopefully in the next couple weeks, I can get to a total of 100 pounds lost, before I hit the year anniversary of starting the plan in April.  I am at 93.2 right now, so maybe in a couple weeks.


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