This week in weight loss

All week, I was up quite a bit in weight.  Everyday I weighed in, I was thinking, this was going to be the week I go up in weight.  I had a big cheat day and I was mixing in a lot of fruit with my juices (to make it drinkable), so it would not have surprised me.  When I actually got on the scale this morning, I had lost over 3 pounds since Friday morning.  For the week I was down 1.4 pounds in weight and fat loss.  Total 82 pounds of weight and 93.5 pounds of fat.

For the year, that’s 9.1 pounds in fat.  That leave 60.9 pounds of fat to lose for my New Years Resolution, well on track.

This week, I am being better about my cheat day and hopefully running more this week, I have the St. Patrick’s Day Dash coming up.


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