New Years Resolutions

I have always hated New Years Resolutions.  Last year, I resolved to take up all the stuff other people gave up for resolutions.  Like most other resolutions, I didn’t do it.

This year will be a little different.  I am setting up resolutions more like milestones than drop dead goals.  I want to look at these every morning and remind myself what direction I need to be moving that day, week, month.

Like good goals, they have to be a stretch, but they should be attainable too.  If by Feb. I am already discouraged, I won’t keep trying.  They also have to be measurable.  If I just say, get in shape, how do I know if I am making any progress.  Am I 10% there or 90% there.

I have been working on these for a couple weeks and they might even change in a couple months.  I started out a little more aggressive, but I realized I needed to be more realistic and be willing to work to a goal and then pass it up if I can, instead of looking at something in the distance all year.

So here they are:

Physical –
1. Run a whole 5K – I ran the Jingle Bell Dash, but had to walk a couple chunks of it.  I want to run the whole thing and get to the point I can start working on improving my time.  These are the races that I want to run this year, if not more.

1. St. Patrick’s Day Dash – March 17th – 6K
2. Beat the Bridge – May 20th – 8K
3. Furry 5K – June
4. Jingle Bell Dash – Dec

2. Do 100 Push Ups – I have always wanted to be able to peel off a bunch of push ups, but this will focus my upper body strength workouts.
3. Lose 70 more lbs of fat – I hope to do more, but I think that if I have a whole year on the diet, this should be a good number.
4. Ride my bike 20 miles – With less weight and better cardio health, I am hoping that this is an easy goal that I can use to build on.

Charity –

1. Raise $1000 for Parkinsons Charity – My dad has Parkinsons and the money for research and treatment is lagging way behind some other diseases.  I wanted to find a way to help and set an amount that would require me to do something other than write a check.  I just need to get all of my friends and family to write smaller checks.  With any luck, I will make a $1000 look easy, but it is going to be a lot of work.

Work and Inter-personal –

1. Focus – I am a little ADD sometimes.  I need to put the clamps down on my flipping between things and try to work on something until it is finished, then move on to the next thing.
2. Listen – As a manager, friend, and caring person, I need to listen first.  Often I am to quick to talk and don’t give others a chance.
3. Be Positive First
4. Learn to tie a Bow Tie and wear one this year.

That’s my list.  It is going up in my bathroom and in my office.  I hope to check off most of them, but even just keeping them in the front of mind everyday will make them worthwhile.

Now a challenge for everyone else.  Decide on something that you want to share.  Post it here, put it on Facebook, Tweet it, whatever you prefer, just make yourself accountable to try.  Make it something that is specific and will make your year better than 2011.  Good luck!


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  1. Hi, Chad. This is great! What an inspiration…you have inspired me to set some goals, as opposed to resolutions. 🙂

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