2011 Year in Review

Wow, what a year!  I know when you look back at almost any year, you can have that thought.  So much happens in a year, it is almost hard to look back on them as a whole and try to digest them.  As I flipped through the calendar of 2011, I saw so many different kinds of things that brought to mind parts of the year gone by.  If you are reading this, you know that the major one is my diet.  It is the major theme of 2011 in my life and it has been interesting how it has influenced so many other parts of my life.  There are so many other great things that happened this year that I am glad I went back and remembered.


In 2011 I visited Chicago twice, London, Omaha twice, Orlando, LA – Burbank -OC 5 times, Portland, Bremerhaven, Germany, San Jose, San Juan, PR, St. Thomas, St. Kitts, Aruba, Curacao, and Santa Rosa.  Most for business, but some with Sabrina and for fun.


I stopped going to Embry-Riddle this year.  I just couldn’t see continuing to spend money on a bad education.  I decided that I needed to put in some hard work and get into the UW.  Hopefully that will pay off in 2012 and I will be a Husky by Spring Qtr.  I was still taking classes in 2011, just at North Seattle CC.


To my surprise, I started running this year… and I liked it.  Most of my life I have tried to avoid walking, let alone run.  I am still working my way into being a runner, but so far I think it will be something I can stick with.  I tried kettle bell this year and I just didn’t stick with it, but I am hoping to get some kind of weight training started.  Even if it is just push ups, I think it will make a big difference.


Started 4 Hour Body in April and I am still doing it 1/1/12, that should say it all.  After a week back from the holiday in California, I am back to my lowest numbers of the year.  I finished up at 315 pounds so I lost almost 75 pounds since April.  My fat loss has been even better, almost 85 pounds.

The other great part of the diet was the number of people that have found success or at least hope on the diet.  This has been a huge motivation for me.  Not only is it nice to have other people on the diet, but it keeps me honest and accountable.  Whenever someone tells me they started the program because they read my blog or facebook posts, it reminds me I have to keep this up for them too.

Here’s to 2011, it was great, now lets make sure 2012 is even better!


One Response

  1. Great summation of a life-changing year! Keep up the good work! You’ve motivated me to try Couch to 5k & I am not a runner either. 🙂

    Cheers to you & Sabrina in the New Year!

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