If I run fast enough, my fat can’t keep up

So if you are a friend of mine on Facebook, you will know that Sabrina and I started running a couple weeks ago and we are still on the Couch to 5K program.  Running has been a lot better than I thought it would be.  In the past, I didn’t even like to walk, but running really makes me feel better, when it is done.  While I do it, I question my choices and wonder what I was thinking, kind of like the first week of my diet.  Each step of the program makes me stretch to a place that I never thought I would be able to get too.  It has been a good experience just for that object lesson.

If I stretch, I can make it.  If I don’t try to stretch, I will never make it.

Now I just have to keep that in the front of my mind.  For whatever reason, it is so easy to forget.

Before I put up my status for the week, I wanted to recommend the last two books that I read.

1: The Sportsman by Dhani Jones – If you loved his Travel Channel show, Dhani Tackles the Globe, it is a must.  If you like sports, travel or just learning some valuable lessons about interacting with other cultures and people, this is a great book.  Dhani is a great writer and he has a lot to say about expanding your vision of the world, which is something I am a huge fan of.

2. The Nerdist Way by Chris Hardwick – This is a book for game nerds on how to improve their lives.  I am still reading it, but it has given me some great ideas on ways to look at work, school and life differently.  Nerds are a different kind of people and we have to look at things a little differently.  It seems to fit in with the almost self-help theme I am building now.

I never thought I would read self-help books and in some ways I am not sure if they are really self-help books, but if they do empower a change, they help. (Special note: If I ever read a Dr. Phil book, someone please kill me!)

Status Report:


329lbs  42.1% Body Fat
60.4 Pounds Lost  72.2 lbs of Fat Lost
42.2 BMI < New stat that I am tracking. PS – says I am OBESE.  Someday I hope to be fat.


324.8lbs  41.8% Body Fat
64.6 Pounds Lost  74.9lbs of Fat Lost
41.7 BMI


323.4lbs  41.4% Body Fat
66.0 Pounds Lost  76.8 lbs of Fat Lost
41.5 BMI

A couple good weeks, but I got keep it going.  Hopefully with more blogging goodness.


One Response

  1. Hi Chad!
    Thanks for the update, inspiration to start running, and book tips! Keep up the good work! So happy you have a wonderful partner in Sabrina to help keep you motivated. Cheers!

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