I was a bad boy

Last weekend I headed off to Chicago for the Winshuttle User Group meeting.  The trip is always a great time.  I get to see work friends that live in other parts of the country.  So there is a lot of work talk, but it is normally over a glass of wine or a couple beers.  There is also some great food and since it was Chicago this year, it was really good!

I started out going to Chicago on a cheat day, so I made the most of it.  I ate breakfast with Sabrina and then headed to the airport where I had two lunches.  When I was on the plane, I got upgraded to first class, so they gave me a lunch too, so there is 3 lunches.  I had promised my team a pizza dinner when we got to Chicago, so we headed off to Giordano’s.  Deep dish pizza, just isn’t for me.  It is so heavy and most of the Chicago pizza has no real flavor in the crust.  Everyone else tried it out, but I got a thin crust pizza.  The crust still wasn’t that great, but it was heavy.  I was so stuffed, it took me until about 4am to fall asleep.  For the rest of the time in Chicago, I kept up with protein for Breakfast, but I got a little off the rails at other meals.  Monday we had Chicago hot dogs for lunch and I didn’t pass it up.  The rest of the time I tried to be good, but I didn’t do a very good job.

Now the good news.  Once I got home Wednesday night, I got back on board and spent the next couple days trying to burn off all of my misdeeds.  I got back down to only 2 pounds more than last week, so I lost about 6 pounds in 2 1/2 days.

This week I am going to be really good and try to take off 6 to 8 pounds.


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