Why I am bad at blogging

If you wonder what is up with my blogging, you aren’t alone.  My wife tells me I need to write more often and I would like to, but lately between full time work and full time school, the last thing I want to do is write for fun.

Since I am flying to Chicago and I can’t do much homework, I will try to update the blog with everything that has been going on with me and the diet.

First a status update:  I weighed in this morning and I am now 326.2 pounds.  In the last couple weeks I had gained a little and then lost most of it last week.  This week was a pretty good week and I lost 4.4 pounds.  My fat percentage is down too and I actually lost more fat than over all weight.  It is a weird thing to see, especially since I am not working out at all.

This brings up an interesting point, I have lost 63.2 pounds of weight and 73.3 pounds of fat and didn’t do any kind of exercise.  This is both a great sign of how well the Slow Carb diet works, but it is also the one thing I really need to work on.  Unfortunately, like blogging, I don’t have much time for working out.  My only hope is that I can start getting up earlier and do 20 or 30 minutes before I get ready for work.

While I was sitting on the airplane and reading the Alaska Airlines magazine, I realized one of the major reasons I want to lose weight is because I want to be more active.  They had all these great pictures of people hiking and biking around the Pacific Northwest and California.  I want to be one of those people.  Losing  weight is great, but if it doesn’t lead to anything, than why bother.  I could be a fat slug, but why bather being a thinner slug.  I got to get out and move more.

Now that I have less ass to drag around, it should be a lot easier.

Next up is a little gross, so I will put a cut in.  Don’t click the more unless you want to read about bathroom things.

So you chose to read about my bathroom habits.  Good job!

I have always thought I had a small bladder, especially when I first started the diet and really turned up the water intake.  I would be in the bathroom every 15 minutes, which was annoying and hard to handle while I was in a meeting or teaching a class.  Over the last 5 months, I have noticed that this isn’t a problem anymore.  I still go a lot, but it is a more normal schedule.  Today I finally came up with the fact that my bladder isn’t being pushed on by so much fat.  It was like I had a baby standing on my bladder, or actually a couple babies.  This has been another rewarding outcome of the weight loss, which makes it easier to keep up the water intake.

The other diet/bathroom fact I will share is, if you are going to diet and not eat beans, it is going to suck!  I hated beans when I started this diet.  Having to eat beans made me rethink this diet a number of times, but now I am fully into beans.  Chili especially, but re-fried and other beans in food is great.  I have also found the fibrous nature of beans to be helpful and very necessary when it comes to losing weight. It is the one thing that I focus on now, everyday, trying to get enough beans to get things moving.  It is probably a close number 2 to water as the most important part of any diet.

As more people get turned on to 4 hour body and Slow Carb diet, the more I see how well it works.  It is easy to say, hey it works for me.  I am a fat guy, the Subway diet would work for me, but when I see people of all kinds trying it out and seeing great success, it makes me want to see even more people try it.

Like I said in a previous post, it is like religion.  The only difference is, this diet can really change your life.  The stuff in the book is also true and only written by one guy.  So really nothing like religion.

The one thing I ask for though is, if you have tried the diet and have had success, tell someone.  Post a comment here, post a Facebook note, tell a friend.  Anything to help someone make their life better.  Even if you are just helping someone stay on their diet, it is all helpful.  Call it good karma or whatever, it will come back to you someday.


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