Catch up – It’s been awhile

Some of you might have wondered if I fell off the wagon a couple weeks ago, but I was just out of the country and didn’t make the time to write my blog posts.

So here is a catch up post.

8/27/11 – I weighed in at 336.8 lbs and 44.2% body fat, which was a lose for the week of 1.4 pounds.  I then boarded a plane to Germany.  I will come back to that after the numbers.

9/3/11 – When I got back from Germany, I weighed in at 347 and 45.6% body fat.  It was an increase of 10.2 pounds.  More later.

9/10/11 – This week I had planned to really get on track and take off all of the weight from Germany, but I hit a snag, I got the Flu on Sunday and I had to get off the diet for a couple days.  I needed oatmeal and bananas to settle my stomach.  Luckily I still lost for the week.  I weighed in at 339 and 44.2% body fat.  This was a loss of 8 pounds, but I am still not back to my lowest weight.  Hopefully this next week will be the one.

So that’s the status report, but I will also post a little bit about my trip to Germany.  It was a nice, but short trip, so the post will be the same.


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