Back from the cruise

I love cruising!  There is something so relaxing and enjoyable about riding the waves and being waited on by a great staff.  Anyone looking for a great vacation should check out Royal Caribbean.  More about that later.

When we left for vacation, we planned to take a week off the diet and eat whatever we wanted.  We would still take our protein in the morning, but everything was fair game when it came to eating and drinking.  I took advantage of this as soon as we got to the airport and again in Atlanta.  While in Puerto Rico, we enjoyed local cuisine (Mofongo) and plenty of wine and liquor.  When we boarded the cruise ship, I could tell this was no place for a diet.  The buffet on the Serenade of the Seas was Vegas class and just one floor above our stateroom.  The offerings varied from day to day, but always had a sweet ending of some delicious cakes and soft serve fogurt.  For dinner, we ate in the main Reflections dinning room and had two wonderful Indian gents as our waiter and asst. waiter.  Rupesh would bring an extra appetizer, dinner, or dessert if you couldn’t decide.  Antonio would bring us endless rounds of delicious rolls and breads.  It was great food, great service, and a wonderful time to sit and relax with my lovely wife.

Before dinner most nights, we would go to the nightly trivia in the Schooner Bar.  Again we had a wonderful server from India, this time a young lady named Kevita.  She would bring us delicious Pina Coladas with a little secret ingredient, Meyers Rum.  I am not a fan of dark rum normally, but it was great in the Pina Colada!  Add this to the nightly bottle of wine with dinner, and other random booze, you get a pretty steady flow of calories into our mouths.  All delicious, but they add up.

So after all this for 10 days, we got home Sunday night.  Monday morning I woke up and weighed in.  The scale read 356.  I had gained 15 pounds since we left for the cruise.  I wasn’t happy with that, but I also wasn’t to worried about it.  It got me motivated to get back on the plan and get back to my pre-cruise weight.  In the first day, I lost 5 pounds.  The second day, I lost 5.8 pounds.  Today’s lose was not as drastic, but still positive, I was down another .6 pounds.  That puts me only 3.6 pounds away from my pre-cruise weight and 2 days until weigh in.

There is also a very good chance that this week will help keep up the weight lose for a couple weeks, like starting the diet over again.  I would never suggest getting off a diet and gaining 15 pounds as a way to lose more weight, but there is a positive to this in the 4 Hour Body diet.  The other thing I noticed was the ease in which I got back into the plan.  When I was on WeightWatchers, I got derailed by one New Years Eve party.

Well another status report will come this weekend and I will probably write some more about the trip.  Pictures are available on Facebook, if anyone is interested.


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