A pre-vacation update from 30,000 ft

Well, we are on vacation now, so the danish is already flowing.  It was delicious too!

Before we left for the airport, I weighed in for a pre-vacation checkpoint.  I was happy to see I was losing weight again.  After a couple weeks of holding steady, I was down to 341 pounds and 45% Body Fat.  Nice numbers to see before I head off to the Caribbean.

In total, I have lost 48.4 pounds total and 57.2 pounds of body fat.

Hopefully all the food and rum don’t put to big a dent in that number, but this is a vacation people.  Get it on!


One Response

  1. Have a great vacation! Wow — I didn’t realize you’d lost that much weight already. Nice work!

    Hopefully, you can find some low fat foods to enjoy on vacation that will be just like integrating foods into your normal routine. I don’t want to sound preachy ’cause I am a big advocate of enjoying a vacation and casting real life pressures aside for a week. But, it is a lifetime journey and I know that vacations are a good excuse to descend into hedonistic, thoughtless food comas. I would presume you will feel better upon your return to reality if you can find a healthy balance while you’re gone. Perhaps the rum (in moderation! 🙂 will help assuage the sting of any foods you have to deny yourself? 🙂 Enjoy!

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