All the news thats fit to report, about my journey to be fit

Another week and more of the same.  I actually gained back .8 pounds and am now at 345.2 lbs.  My fat% was down slightly, but with the weight increase, the total amount of fat stayed the same.

Having been on the road in LA all week, I didn’t expect to much of a lose, but it would have been nice to see some.  The one thing that keeps me going on the plan is that it is making me feel better.  No scale can measure that.

Not only does that mean I have more energy and that I haven’t been sick in months, but every time I put my pants on, I feel like I have done something.  I got on the plane to come home from Burbank on Friday and I didn’t have to stuff my butt in the seat.  I didn’t have to wrestle with the seat belt until I broke a sweat, I just sat down and waited to go home. (PS – Coach still sucks!)

There is something that is empowering about taking control of your body.  I am hoping that this all will translate into better performance at work and school.  Any added focus and energy will always help!


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