A list of things to do

Lately I have been thinking about things that I have always wanted to do, specifically events that I want to attend.  They are the kinds of things you have to plan a vacation around, but events that I will remember all my life.  Some of them are events that I have seen on TV or dreamed of going to, but always seem to miss or not work into our vacation plans.  So I decided to make a list and keep it updated, to keep it at the top of mind.  And now the Top 10:

1. Just for Laughs – Montreal

This is the premier comedy festival in the world.  Stand up comics from all over the world have come to Montreal to get discovered or make it big in comedy.  I have seen specials and shows from the festival, but I have always wanted to be there in person.  The festival lasts two weeks, but even a week in the summer in Montreal with 3 or 4 shows a day would make for a great experience.

2. Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo – Edinburgh

First a Tattoo is a military drum show.  This one is the biggest in the world.  They have pipe and drum bands from all over the world.  It is a beautiful event that shows off all the pageantry of military units and pipe bands.  It is has been going over 60 years and gets bigger every year.  It is also part of the Edinburgh Fringe, which just happens to be #3 on my list.

3. Edinburgh Fringe

This and the Tattoo are part of the Edinburgh Festival, which held in August.  The Fringe is full of comedy, alternative theater, performing arts, and music.  It is one of the worlds largest arts festivals and in one of the worlds most wonderful cities.  It is a great pairing of events, so I can knock two off in one trip to Scotland, there is also some great Whiskey in the area.

4. Superbowl

Need I explain this one?  I would love to go to see the Seahawks play, but I would just like to go see the circus that comes to town when the Superbowl is on.

5. The Ashes in the UK and Australia

I love cricket and the England Australia matches are some of the best from a fans perspective.  Both sides take it really seriously and care more about it than all the other matches of the year.  It only happens every 2 years, so the scheduling can be a little tricky, but if you are going to see some cricket live, this is the one to go to.

6. EAA Fly-In – Oshkosh, WI

This is the biggest air show in North America.  They get more private planes than some festivals get cars.  They also get military and commercial aircraft that are not often shown off.  Optimally, I would want to fly there, in my own plane, but we will see what happens.

7. Lollapalooza/Bonnaroo/Coachella/Glastonberry/SXSW

Any and all of the above have some of the best alternative rock acts.  The idea of going to a music festival seems so 10 years younger, but an all encompassing music event really sounds awesome.  If the bands that play are awesome too, it would be that much better.

8. Comic-Con – San Diego, CA

I am a nerd and this is where nerds meet to see what is new.  I am not a huge comic book nerd, but this event has become so much more in the last 5 years.  Movies and TV Shows have really come to play the last couple years.  It is also a great nexus for other shows that happen in San Diego during the Con.

9. Oktoberfest – Munich, Germany

I am not the biggest beer drinker, but this party looks like it would be great.  I love Germany and this is the biggest event in Southern Germany.  The pretzels are also a great selling point!

10. Mardi Gras/ Carnivale – New Orleans/Rio

These events would seem to over power the actual city that they are in.  I am not a big fan of New Orleans and Rio seems to be more than a little dangerous, but these events look amazing.  The parades and fun of Mardi Gras and the Samba parade in Rio would be something to experience.

So that is the Top 10, for now.  Like I said, I want to keep this updated as the priorities change and as I find out about new things.  Hopefully I can check off some and find a couple of others.


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