I keep running, but never get anywhere

I love running on the elliptical.  It is like jogging that doesn’t hurt my knees.

When I first did it years ago, I couldn’t even figure out how it was supposed to work.  The first 5 minutes made me think I was going to have a heart attack and die there at the Golds Gym in Redondo Beach, CA.  Luckily I stuck with it and found it to be one of my favorite exercises.  I even own one, but still like to go to the gym to use theirs.  I am paying for it, so I might as well.

After work tonight, I headed over to the Y and did my customary 30+ minutes on the elliptical.  Thanks to Scot, I had some ear buds to listen to my iPod with.  Due to all the car switching this week, my ear buds all ended up in the Element and I had the Accord today.

Good workout today and more on Thursday!


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