About time to burn some pants! #4HB

Welcome to new pants Saturday!  After I weighed in this morning, I was getting ready to head out to breakfast with Sabrina and I decided to try on some pants that Sabrina bought me about 5 years ago.  They were too small at the time and were defiantly not going to fit a couple months ago.  Since my current pair are really getting baggy and loose, I slipped on the new pair and they fit!  It was great to already have a pair of pants that fit me, so I can see and feel the change.  Now the numbers!

I weighed in today at 345 pounds, which is a lose of 4.4 pounds for the week and 44.4 pounds overall.  3 more pounds to get to the weight that was at when I last went to Weight Watchers, 5 and a half years ago.

My body fat % was 45.6% which is a loss of 6.2 pounds of fat for the week and 53.3 pounds overall.  The pace of fat loss really picked up this week, which is probably due in part to the new exercise plan.  Hopefully that will happen again next week with the addition of weight training.


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