Go for it, Push it to the limit and other motivational statements

Day 2 of adding some exercise to the program.  I did 30 minutes on the elliptical at home, which worked out well, since I forgot my gym clothes at home this morning.  Before I got dressed to workout, I tried on my suit and a couple sportcoats that I hadn’t worn in a while.  They fit well and even are a little big, but good enough for formal night on the cruise.  This bump in confidence really set me up for a great work out.  I jumped on the elliptical and started out like I was going to go for an hour.  After 3 minutes I felt like I was going to fall off and not make it to five minutes.  This is a normal feeling for me, but I know it is just in my mind.  I can push through it and make it to the end.

Getting to the 30th minute and then the cool down, made me feel like I accomplished something.  Much like seeing a lower number on the scale every week, it all clicks that button in my brain that creates the feeling of success.  There is a great side effect of these little successes, they build up to huge successes.

Now for the line I will have to put in a book someday: Go out there and make a little success happen in your life everyday.


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