The memories of food gone by…

There isn’t much to write about on the normal diet days.  Meat, Beans, Veg and repeat.  When it comes to cheat days, there are all kinds of dynamics playing out and neuroses about.

One of the saddest and funniest at the same time is food memories.  Every couple weeks, Sabrina has a huge craving for something that she hadn’t eaten in years.  She starts thinking about it Monday and it builds up all week.  By Saturday, she can’t wait.  Sometimes she gets a look a satisfaction and loves what she gets, but more often she finds out that things have changed.

A couple weeks ago, she got a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.  She was so excited, until she eat the first one.  The chocolate wasn’t as good as she remembered, the  peanut butter was chalky, and none of it scratched the itch that she had for a peanut butter cup. This last week was the McDonalds Pie.  Back when she had the last one, they fried the pies and they were probably made with real fruit.  Now they are baked and had an apple or cherry colored jell in them.  Not what she was looking for.

When it comes to food, we can’t go home again.  Our taste buds are never as good as when we were kids.  Food is made of a bunch of shit now, so it doesn’t taste as good as it used too.  Unless you make it from scratch, there is no chance it has butter, milk or real eggs in most of what you eat.  So savor those memories and feel to bad when it isn’t what you really wanted… it might not have been that good in the first place.


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