Add a workout a day to make your gut go away

After much talk and planning, I finally made it to the Y for my first workout.  With the new office location, I can’t miss the Y.  It is not only easy to go, I would have to make a point to not drive by it on the way home.  So I have removed the “I forgot” excuse.

The workout was nothing super tough, hopefully just a way to get into the routine of going and breaking a sweat.  30 minutes on the elliptical a couple times this week will hopefully get me ready to start the actual weight lifting next week.

In other exercise news, the STP is this weekend.  For whatever reason, I have always wanted to do the STP.  Even though I haven’t done more than 20 miles on a bike since I was a teenager.  I wouldn’t say it is a goal just yet, but it is on my radar.  If I can get out on the bike this summer, it would be a great thing to train toward.  For now, we will see if I can make it to the Y more than once this week, then we can plan the Ironman.


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