Week 12: What’s up on getting down

Well it is Saturday again.  Time to drag my fat ass (although I barely have an ass) into the bathroom for another weigh in.

This week I have been weighing in every morning to see how things go during a normal week.  Oddly would sum it up.  My peak weight was actually Tuesday morning when I weighed in at 356, up 4 pounds from last Saturday.  By Wednesday it was starting to go back down and hit it’s low on Friday morning.  For some reason both Sabrina and I have noticed that if we weigh in on Friday morning, it is normally lower than Saturday, at least by a small amount.  Not sure what the science behind this is, but it is an interesting anomaly.

On to the actual numbers:  Weight 349.4 lbs.  very happy to finally break 350!  Body Fat % is 46.8%

Loses for the week: 2.6 pounds overall and 4 pounds of fat. (Again not sure about the difference between weight loss and fat loss.  Maybe I gained 1.4 pounds of muscle from moving boxes at work this week.)

Progress is progress, so I am happy, but next week will hopefully usher in the exercise phase of the program.  Winshuttle moved to new offices that are just down the street from the Northshore YMCA, so I am going to go work out after work this week.  This will hopefully take this all from fat loss to body transformation!


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