The Look (The day off judgement)

When it comes to Saturdays, it is on.  On like Donkey Kong, if you will.

With only one day to enjoy the forbidden treats that the world of food offers, we don’t normally worry about looking a little funny.  We don’t eat with our hands or shove food in our faces like pigs, but there are a lot of plates on the table some times.  Typically, when we go to the Original Pancake House, we have a couple varieties of pancakes and waffles.  As I am busy pouring syrup all over everything on the table, I don’t notice the people around us.  Last weekend, we went to Panera Bread for a pastry fueled breakfast and Sabrina pointed it out to me.  As the skinny bitch mothers walking by would give her a dirty look, as if to say “This is why you are fat.”  It was amazing to see the judgement shoot out of their eyes for an extra pastry on the table, that we were sharing.

No one knows that this splurge is what is fueling our weight loss.  No one knows that Sabrina has lost over 20 pounds so far and improved all of her blood work numbers.  If you can do that by eating an extra danish or another stack of pancakes on Saturday, do it!

The irony of this is I never see a guy look at me that way, even the overly excited Seattle bike rider guy.  He just looks jealous that I am eating the thing that he would like to be eating.

So to all you skinny judgmental bitches, it is on.  If I see that look again, you will be asked what your looking at.  The more you stutter, the more I will press it.  Prepare to be uncomfortable!


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