I rebound like Dennis Rodman

After the gain last week, I was really hoping for a good week this week.  Luckily, I got it!

This morning I weighed in at 352 pounds and 47.6% body fat.  I nice lose since last week.

I lost 8.2 pounds since my last weigh in and 5 pounds overall, taking away my gain from the CA trip.  The even better news is, it looks like it was all fat.  I lost 8.1 pounds of fat last week.

The big changes this week were the subtraction of diet sodas and the addition of water.  I think this is going to be a big help in the future too. I also didn’t take my supplements this week, what is called the PAGG stack in 4 hour body.  Next week I might start taking it again and see if I can keep the pace up.

History Update:  I was thinking for the last couple weeks, I wish I had kept track of my weight over the last couple decades.  I could say, I haven’t weighed this much since High School, or this is what I weighed at our wedding.  As I racked my brain trying to think of a way to get old medical records or paperwork with my height and weight on it, I remembered that I had blogged about my Weight Watchers experience in my old LiveJournal.  So I looked up my old posts and luckily I had recorded a couple of stats.

When I started I weighed in at 374 lbs and lost about 35 pounds on WW.  So I am about 10 pounds from getting to my lowest weight in the 2000’s.  With a little luck, I will be the weight on my drivers license (330) by the time we go on our cruise.


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