Weight Loss is like Religion

As Sabrina and I were driving around running errands tonight, we were talking about our diet.  It got me thinking about friends of mine that have also had trouble losing weight in the past.  I feel like I should tell them about my diet and encourage them to get on it and help them make it a part of their lives.  (Sound familiar?)

This made me think about something that a friend told me a couple weeks ago and I hadn’t been able to respond to yet.  She told me that she wanted to help a friend lose weight.  They even said that they wanted to lose weight, but didn’t act on it.  It made me think about when I started this diet.  It was so much different from any other try at a diet that I have had.  There was something inside of me that wanted the change.  Having said that, I love the support of my wife, my friends, and other well wishers, but those things can’t make me want to lose weight and get in shape.  Honestly the more pushing of others, the farther away I was from wanting to make any kind of change.

Where does this leave us?  Well if I was going to give anyone advice that wants to help, it would be, don’t.  At least don’t let them know you are helping, don’t make it obvious. Make good choices, encourage them to do the same, and point out people that are making big changes and having success.  Then just wait for them want to change, it has to be something that they want to do.

What does this mean for me?  I am not going to be a missionary for losing weight, 4 hour body, slo-carb, or anything else.  I am going to work my butt off to work my gut off.  If anyone asks me what I am doing and wants my help, I am happy to tell them.  I will detail out what you have to do to lose weight, but you have to ask.

My hope is that I can make enough of a change in my body, that people will ask.  They will follow the program and get healthy.  It is like that favorite quote of my Christian friends by St. Francis De Sales “Witness at all times. If necessary, use words.”  No one can tell you what to do, you have to see that the change is possible and make the decision to change on your own.

So my lips are sealed until asked.  I just hope that it isn’t to long before some of my friends decide to ask.


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