Week 10 – Catching Up

It has been a couple weeks since I posted a status report, so I am going to catch up here.

Saturday mornings I get up, drink water, feed the dogs and then weigh in.  Normally by the time I am done Sabrina is ready for Breakfast, so I usually have all my numbers recorded, but I don’t have time to sit down and write them up.  I need to get better at keeping the blog up to date, so I will try to do a better job this week.

So here are the numbers for the last couple weeks.

Week 8 – I lost .2 lbs and increased my Body Fat % to 48.5%.  Not the way I wanted to go into vacation, but what are you gonna do.

Week 9 – Sabrina and I were on vacation in LA, so I didn’t weigh in this week.  I also didn’t stay on the diet while in LA.  I tried to be pretty good, but I wanted to enjoy my vacation.  I ate at In-n-Out, Border Grill, and some of the other great restaurants in LA.  I might have to write up something separate on the food in LA.

Week 10 – I gained back 3.2 pounds while in LA and added .2% BF.  So I am currently at 360.2 pounds and 48.7% BF.  After the week of vacation and a short trip to Portland, I don’t feel to bad about 3.2 pounds.  I will be really good this week and see if I can have a big bounce back week.

This week in addition to the normal diet, I am trying to cut out diet soda.  Iced Tea is going to be the new go to if I want something that isn’t water.  As of day 3, it is going OK, but this one might be harder than giving up anything else.  It also might make the biggest difference.  We will see in the coming weeks.


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