Free Day

After a great weigh in, the best follow up is day of stuffing my face with things that make me want to get sick… oh what a wonderful day.

There is a growing love hate relationship with cheat day.  I can eat all the things that I have missed all week, it makes my metabolism stay busy so I can burn fat during the week, but all day I feel like hell.  My stomach hurts, I am sleepy all day, I feel like I am going to throw up most Saturdays.  It is a weird way to spend the weekend.


French Toast with Marionberries at Maltby Cafe – Good, not great.  Way overpriced and the wait for a table is ridiculous.  I won’t be making plans to go back.


Mall Food – Cheese on a Stick from Hot Dog on a Stick, Pretzel Dog, Pretzel Sticks with cheese.  A good idea when we had it, but I thought I was going to leave it all at the mall.  My stomach isn’t used to that much processed cheese anymore.


Banana Split Fritter from Frost Donuts – So good, but again my body isn’t used to this much sugar anymore.  The glaze on the fritter was really heavy, but delicious.


Dungeness and Pancetta Pasta at Epulo – The pasta was the highlight of my cheat day.  The crab and pork made a lovely pairing and the pasta was perfectly cooked.  We capped it off with some Molly Moons Ice Cream for dessert.

After dinner we went and saw Bridesmaids, which is hilarious and had a box of Red Vines and bag of Popcorn.

Now back to the diet and recovering from eating all of this lovely food (and the crap that we ate too).


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