Week 6 – Keep on keeping on

The last couple weeks have been really busy and I let my blog get a little behind.

I am going to try and get back on track starting this weekend.  To be clear, I haven’t been off the diet, just blogging about it.  I am also going to chance the format a little, each day isn’t going to get it’s own post.  I will post Saturdays with my weigh in and I am going to keep all the pics together, but I won’t post anything until I have something to say.  I am also going to write about more than my diet.  If anyone is going to read this blog, they should get a good laugh now and then.

So here are the numbers for week 6.  As of Saturday 5/21/11 I was 364 lbs and 49.1% BF.  I was up .2 lbs, but down .3% BF, so I am down a pound of fat for the week.  I am not excited about putting on .2 pounds, but it could be worse.  I had been really good in Florida, so I am not sure what short circuited the weight loss for the week, but I am going to put it behind me and move on this week.

Hopefully it was an anomaly and this week is even better than expected!


One Response

  1. Chad,

    Hang in there. There will be plateau weeks, but you have to power through.

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