Monday – Burn your pants!

I came to a realization today, there are a lot more boring days on a diet than exciting ones.  Which doesn’t make for a great blog, but it does make for something that is sustainable for the long term.  It would be nice to feel like I am always climbing the mountain and getting closer to the peak, but it more like a really long walk through a meadow.

To go along with that, it is a lot easier to take the really long walk with some other people, especially when they are walking at your pace.  Luckily Sabrina and I have each other.  I don’t know how I would keep up with this diet without her.  There is also the added pressure of everyone who reads this and all my friends on Facebook.  There have been times when I was ready to throw in the towel and eat a cheeseburger, but I knew I couldn’t bring myself to tell everyone that I screwed up.

So thank you all who read this.  You’re keeping me on track even without doing anything.  I do encourage anyone who wants to really make a life change like this to do the same sort of blog.  Put pressure on yourself.  Like Cortez when he got to the new world, burn your ships.  When I lose enough weight to not wear my old jeans, I am going to burn them.  Watch for video here. (The rest of my clothes I am going to give away, my jeans are going to burn like a campfire!)

Lunch – Teriyaki chicken and salad


Rockfish and Broccolini (Another first time veggie thanks to my wife)


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