Inching toward my goal

After the last 2 weigh ins, I was hoping for another big number.  I was a little disappointed when I got on the scale this morning.  At first I thought I hadn’t lost an ounce, but then realized the scale was showing me my last weigh in.  Once that was fixed, I had got my new weight and through some bad math thought I was only down .7 lbs.  I was actually pretty disappointed at first.  Having been really diligent all week, I couldn’t imagine not losing at least a whole pound.

After a pep talk from Sabrina, I realized that some weeks were going to be more productive than others and I just needed to keep pushing forward.  I updated my weigh in log and realized I was actually down 1.3 pounds, so I was a little bit happier.  I am still closing in on my first gate of 20 pounds by May 14th.  Here are the stats:

This weeks weight: 372.3 lbs 51.3% BF

Total lost: 17.1 lbs of weight, 19.7 lbs of fat

More water and beans this week.  Hopefully next Saturday will even better and I can cross the first checkpoint off.

I also wanted to thank everyone for the support.  It has really helped a lot.


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