The Teriyaki place next to my office got added to the list of lunch spots.  They do a no rice, double salad deal if you want.  I ended up making a Teri-Chicken Salad mix up.  Not bad and the little bit of sauce on the chicken took the place of the salad dressing that I tossed in the trash. (I also trashed the cup of Teri sauce)  I had class on Thursday night, so I didn’t get to eat dinner with Sabrina.  She left me some prawn stir fry left overs.  The prawns were great, but the veg didn’t hold up very well.  This was the first time I have eaten broccoli and I didn’t hate it.  This will probably help in the future, because it seems like everyone wants to use Broccoli as the veg of the day.image



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