Getting lunch lately has been a nightmare.  I end up having meeting with people in the mid-west and the only time they are free is between 12 and 1.  I have had to get really good at eating in a hurry.  Today I went to Qdoba, which I really like.  The people at the Bothell one are normally really helpful and don’t mind customizing my salad.  Today, it took some time to get the girl to really go to town on the salsa, but we got there eventually.  I switched to a new protein powder for breakfast.  When we went to the Super Supplements to buy it, I remarked to Sabrina how funny it is that Body Builders use this stuff to bulk up and I am using it to slim down.  Carrying the 5 pound jug around did make me feel like Cartman in WeightGain 4000. (He didn’t want to be a 90lb weakling, so he was bulking up.)  It is a little scary when you start to get into micro-nutrition with things like the protein powder or other supplements.  There is a lot they can do for you, but they can also throw your body off if you don’t use them right. I am hoping to figure that out before I get to far down that road.  Again the pics are sparse because I ate dinner upstairs and my phone was downstairs. image

Dinner: Homemade Chili!


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