Tuesday was a hard day.  We had our company meeting and food was brought in.  It was even pretty healthy stuff, but not much was on the diet.  So I had a plate of eggs to tied me over until lunch, but the bread and muffins at in the kitchen all day calling my name.  Damn you bread and the power you have over my mind.  I did have a nice lunch at the Mongolian Grill place.  It is a good add in to the lunch rotation now.  Lots of meat and veggies, I just have to say no to rice a lot.  They way the cooks are pushing it on you, you would think they are getting a kick back from the rice lobby.  Since we are living upstairs during the main floor remodel, I forgot to take a pic of dinner.  It was Chicken with Zucchini, which was lovely.  I never thought I would like Zucchini, but it is good cooked.image



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