Omaha Day 3

Thankfully the ConAgra cafeteria had a nice salad bar.  It made lunch really easy and very tasty.  I also got a great treat that helped my sweet tooth a little, some sugar free jello.  After I left and headed to the airport, I tried to find something good for dinner.  It was hard since I didn’t have time to sit down and eat.  I ended up going into a Taco Bueno, but couldn’t find anything that didn’t break my diet, so I headed to the airport.  I knew they had a small food court, so it was my last option, but I didn’t want to miss my plane.  In a moment of weakness, I stood in front of the Godfathers Pizza for 5 minutes thinking about how it would be OK to just have a mini pizza.  Luckily there was no one working out front, so I could come to my senses and head for the bar.  The selection was small, but they had a taco salad that I could customize.  It was tough, but it also showed me that I can do it.  It also reminds me that I need to be more prepared when I leave home.  Pics behind the cut…

Breakfast: Myoplex


Lunch: Salad with chicken, ham, black beans, and some hard boiled egg.  My lovely SF Jello.


Dinner:  Iceberg lettuce, chicken, tomatoes, salsa.


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