Off day food pics

The day off from the diet went as expected.  Good food, lots of cheese, and my stomach was killing me by the end of the day.

There is defiantly a motivation factor to this day as part of the diet.  You eat a ton and feel sick, so Sunday morning you are done with all the stuff that isn’t on your diet and you are looking forward to a nice small meal.

The pics are below the cut.  This is probably going to be the new style I use, so I don’t have a separate post for each meal.  I will also write a little bit about how I feel that day.

Dinner – We went to Maggiano’s and had the family style dinner.  It was a feast of cheese, pasta, and Chicken Parm.  No pics, but I am sure you can imagine.

We went to Burgermaster for lunch and I got the BurgerMelt.  It was the most delicious cheese burger I have ever eaten.  The bun and the cheese made my heart sing! I skipped the fries, not because I should, but because I knew I had bigger fish to fry this evening.image

I had 2 donuts, but I ate the first one before I could take a picture of it.  It was really something that I had been craving, so it was a good way to start my off day.


Breakfast started out like most days this week.  I added in some Grapefruit juice to help keep the free day from ruining my progress.  It helps keep your glucose level normal.



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