First Weigh In

This being the first Saturday of my diet, it is the first weigh in.  It is also the first off day, so the pictures will get very interesting today.

So here are the numbers.

When I started on Sunday 4/10/2011, my weight was: 389.4 lbs
This is probably the most I have ever weighed.  It was a bit of a shock since I hadn’t weighed in since 2009.
For the record, I am also keeping track of my body fat with the scale.  It uses electrical resistance to measure BF%, so it isn’t perfect, but pretty good.  I had a BF% of 54.1%. Talk about a shocking number.  More than half of me is fat.  Talk about a reason to get on the program.

Now the results of the first week.

As of Saturday morning, 4/16/2011, my weight is: 378.6 lbs
Thats a lose of  10.8 lbs!
My BF% is 52.3%, so a lose of 1.8%

When I started thinking about all of this a couple weeks ago, I set up a goal and some gates along the way to help me keep up my progress.  My goal is to get to 200 lbs or less and get my BF% under 20%.  My first gate is to lose 20 lbs before I go to Orlando for Sapphire/ASUG.  It is the biggest event of the SAP world and I want to look and feel better while I am working the booth.  Next up is our Cruise in August.  I want to be down 50 lbs by then and have added some muscle, so I can take my shirt off at the beach or pool and not scare the children.

Once I nail those gates, I am sure there will be another set of dates I will want to lose weight for, but I am hoping by then, it will become more ingrained in me and will be part of my normal routine.

After 6 days I am half way to the first gate, so I am pretty excited.  Today is also our first splurge day, so the post of all the stuff I eat on my day off will be up tonight.  It has been fun already, but I have a feeling I am going to feel sick by the time I go to bed tonight.


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