2nd day? Really thats it?

As the second day of my diet ends, I realize I have a long way to go and a hard row to hoe.

In the last two days I have eaten more non-green beans than the rest of my life combined.  It has been a little harder than I thought it would be.  As suggested by an old friend, if you don’t like something that’s good for you, take it like a vitamin.  A can of Kidney beans is a lot of vitamins to take.  Eating a bunch of refried beans in the morning has made me want to gag.  The trick that I am using is to mix them in with as much other food as possible.

Today for lunch I went to Qdoba and had a taco-less salad.  I had them pile the salsa on to cover the black beans and it worked pretty good.  I also had a diet coke which finally made my headache go away.  This might become a staple of my diet.

Standing in line at Qdoba, I felt like a junkie trying to stay away from smack.  When I saw the tortilla strips, I almost started drooling.  When the lady behind the counter asked if I wanted rice, I had to fight back a yes.  So much of this diet will be me retraining my mind to not stay stuck in my rut.  There are so many places that I like to eat and I have only ever had one thing on the menu.  It is normally fried, covered in cheese and comes with pasta and/or bread.  Now I have to make my own or customize something when I eat out.

Lots of change and it’s only the second day.


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