Clean it out

I am getting ready to clean out the kitchen of anything that isn’t on the Slow Card diet. My wife already took care of some of it, but I am going to do the deep cleanse. This is going to make things a lot easier on the diet and be a good reason to throw out a lot of stuff that should have gone in the trash months or years ago.

The motivating force of this book/diet/plan/etc is great. I really want to be one of the before and after stories that other people look at in the future. Not in just a body shape way, but being able to see a change that effects my whole life. I want it to start with weight loss, get more energy, motivate me to be more efficient, add strength, and be able to participate in more activities that require physical activity.

As I get older, I realize that I have the choice to make my later years a lot better. If I am a big fat old guy, what am I going to do when I retire? Get a scooter and hang out at the Indian casino playing craps? I want to spend my free time seeing the world and meeting new people. All of that is harder when you are a fat guy. It just isn’t comfortable being fat, especially when you travel. No one builds planes for fat people. There are no escalators at the seven wonders of the world either.

So the world is full of motivation to lose weight. Now I just have to keep my eyes on that, instead of the ads for the new pizza stuffed pizza crust at Pizza Hut. Actually maybe that will help, that actually makes me want to throw up just thinking about it.


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